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JULY 2019


With a little delay our slate stone pile with integrated nesting place for the hoopoe stands now! Also a few old vines were inserted.

The first lizards have already taken it and we hope that other animals will also feel comfortable in it.

JUNE 19th, 2019


What a success!

In the competition "Schweizer Bioweinpreis 2019" we submitted our Shot No 03 and reached the 2nd place in the category "PIWI" white wine.


The award ceremony followed by a public tasting in the Bierhübeli Bern was a complete success and our third vintage was also very well liked by the public.



Young, fragile but still present are the new bushes to promote biodiversity! Some are thriving wonderfully, others are still struggling. We are very curious to see how they will develop and how the local fauna will benefit.

Remains exciting!



While the vineyard was in the winter break, we were able to track down a wonderful, ecologically valuable project. In cooperation with the "Schweizerische Vogelwarte Sempach" several native bushes were planted in march in the open areas between our vines.

The goal is very clear: Biodiversity!

The new richer structure will provide new habitats for many bird species. In a second step, so-called small structures will be constructed, in our case a stone wall from the existing slate rock. A nesting aid for the hoopoe will be integrated to promote the local population. This wall also offers valuable habitat for ermine, wild bees, butterflies, lizards, smooth snake etc..


We are very happy that this project has been realized with us and of course we are looking forward to a revitalization and enrichment of our parcel.

Pictures will follow soon....



November 2018

Interesting radio report about PIWI varieties in the "Echo der Zeit" from 22.11.2018 - from minute 36. (in German)