Our wines Shot No 01 - 04 are made from 100% Cabernet Blanc.

VB 91-26-1 or Cabernet Blanc was bred by Valentin Blattner in 1991 and belongs to the family of the so-called PIWI (fungus resistant) varieties.

Plant protection can be reduced to a minimum, i.e. up to 80% less interventions are necessary for plant protection in the vineyard than with traditional varieties.

The relationship with the Cabernet Sauvignon manifests itself in an aroma sometimes reminiscent of the Sauvignon Blanc (see genealogical tree).



The grape has mixed berries, i.e. normal size and virgin berries. Before full ripeness, the small, round berries are dark green and appear unripe for a long time. When ripening begins at the beginning of October, the fruits turn yellow. Especially the seedless fruits have a very high sugar content and good extract values.


Peronospera ++ (downy mildew)

Oidium +++ (powdery mildew)

Botrytis +++ (grey mould rot, mould fungus)